Vampires vs The Bronx (2022)

Vampires vs The Bronx (2022)

If you love Fright Night, then you will love this film. Does this film break new ground? Nope, but horror is a genre that doesn’t do that well. However, it does take a familiar theme and gives it a much-needed twist. It stars people of color. Which is something that Hollywood typically gives no fucks about. So when you get to see a diverse cast, create a film like this for people to relate to. It is nice.

Somebody is buying up property in the Bronx. Gentrification seems to be the likely culprit. However, a trio of three young kids finds out that it is more sinister. Director Osmany Rodriguez does a fantastic job with the trio of young actors asked to carry the film. Each actor, Jaden Michael, Gerald Jones III, and Gregory Diaz IV, created a friendship and relationship that felt so genuine as they added a real sense of being kids we all knew at some point growing up. The tense, playful, but loving relationship formed the foundation of their challenges against the vampires. It was refreshing to see. Osmany created a top ten horror film that is a must-see.

What makes the film special is the humanizing and impactful roles of almost all the characters in the film. The parents, the bodega owner, and the people in the neighborhood all played a role in shaping the main characters. This makes sense since the community shares top billing with the vampires in the film’s title. I highly suggest this film, especially if you are looking for something to watch with your kids, as I did.

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