Friday the 13th – Part 5 (Discussion)

I know there is a lot of heat towards this film. However, the almost entirely undeserved heat directed at this masterpiece. And I say almost because I get why people have issues with the film. I totally get it because unlike most of you reading this. I saw it in the movies. And I left the movie theater feeling the same way most people did. But then I grew the fuck up and got it. I now can watch this film with a brand new appreciation of its greatness.

The elephant in the room is clearly that this film didn’t have Jason as the hockey mask clad killer. Instead, it was Roy Burns. Freaking Roy Burns, the paramedic. Yes, we felt robbed. I mean you couldn’t talk about Jason coming back. It sucked balls. It sucked big balls. But did it really suck as much as we thought or led to believe if you listen to people on the interwebs? I don’t think it did. There is so much to love about this film. Let me count the ways.

First, let me start my defense of this film like this. Roy was a badass. For not being dead, he was a bad mofo. He freaking killed 17 people. That body count was insane. The most ever at that point for any killer in the series. Of course, that doesn’t include Joey who got hacked to death by Victor. This film did a great job of not letting you rest. It sure as shit was making sure you got your money’s worth of blood and death. This actually sets the tone for all future films. A high body count became mandatory. The increase in death meant an increase in bloody good old fashion fun.

Another thing about the film. It was the most woke horror film in a long time. Sure TCM has wheelchair-bound Franklin and NOTLD has the greatest black protagonist ever in horror cinema with Ben. However, this film went balls to the wall with diversity. It had an elderly black man, George Winter. His grandson Demon and Reggie. Anita who was Demon’s love interest who was also Black. We had Jake who stuttered and Joey who was a compulsive eater. And a whole list of characters who obviously had issues that required them to become residents of the Pinehurst Halfway House. Let’s not forget Pam who was played by Melanie Kinnaman. She was practically in her mid 30’s when she played the role of one of the best final girls in the series. Oh yeah, one more thing. This film featured a male (Reggie) doing the typical “falling down” scene. That was unheard of. This film broke the mold. However, it did something that no other film in the series did. Which was take it back to the roots.

A New Beginning isn’t as much as a reboot to the series people hoped it to be. But a film that took what made the first film so great and repackaged it. The film just like the first film was a murder mystery. We didn’t know who or why kids were being killed in the original film. This film did the same. Both killers were motivated by neglect and the ensuing death of their kid. The film lost its way with becoming a straight-up slasher film. With A New Beginning, the ship was righted, docked, and everyone had a blast. Is this the best film or near the best film in the series? LOL, of course not. We all love Jason. However, this film was the purest sequel to the type of film that started the franchise. Moreso than Part 2 was. It deserves so much more and at least to me is a film that deserves praise. So at least consider this opinion when you say this film is one of the worst. Because it isn’t true. Check out this film. It deserves another viewing because Roy is a badass.

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