Butt Boy

Butt Boy

Sometimes a film sneaks up on you. I mean a film that you have zero expectations about it being anything at all. I can’t imagine a film doing a better job than the incredible Tyler Cornack, who directed, wrote, and starred in the film titled Butt Boy. It is a film about a man named Chip (played by Tyler Cornack)who discovers he can fit objects up his butt. It wasn’t just small items that he tried. He stuck large items up there too. There was nothing Chip deemed off-limits as he continued to slam stuff up his butt. The strangest thing about it was that it did it. It was that the objects disappeared. And the pleasure it gave him was comparable to nothing else he did. His desires became extremely powerful with each passing day, and the need to get that rush took over his life. With intense pleasure comes a price for trying to fill those urges. And it’s called addiction.

As with any addiction story, rock bottom is where the story always begins. At an AA meeting, Chip is introduced to Det. Russell Cox, played by Tyler Rice, is a detective with a dark past. These two embark on a fraught relationship with deceit, terror, and a butt hole. It isn’t long after meeting that Det. Russell starts figuring that Chip has a secret. And that secret might have something to do with him. Once that is believed, then it is all bet are off. Det. Russel wants his man. So he thinks so. Butt Boy has a plan. He always has a plan. I hope you decide to see Butt Boy. It is worth watching. It probably will make my top ten list because it was so ambitious.

Whereas the incredible 2019 film Swallow, directed by Carlo Mirabella-Davis, tackled a similar theme with realistic grace and reverence. Butt Boy accomplishes the same but goes for an all-out crazy swing of the bat of insanity, knocking it out of the park. The payoff of the film isn’t so much the ending. But the execution of a crazy notion turns out to be an entertaining film. My jaw dropped at the end of the film. At the film’s end, I picked my jaw off the floor and said, “wow, he really pulled it off.” Butt Boy is a must-see film.


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