Butt Boy

Sometimes a film sneaks up on you. I mean a film that you have absolutely no expectations about it being anything at all. I can’t imagine a film doing a better job at that than the incredible Tyler Cornack directed and starring film, Butt Boy. A film about a man that discovers he can fit objects up his butt. Not just small objects, but almost anything his heart desires. With pleasure also comes an addiction to those urges.

As with any addiction rock bottom is hit and that is where the story really kicks into gear. We are introduced to Russell a detective with a past. He crosses paths with Chip (played by Tyler Cornack) at an AA meeting. These two embark on a relationship that is fraught with deciet, terror, and a butt hole. Butt Boy is so worth watching. It probably will make my top ten list because it was so ambitious. Whereas swallow tackled a similar theme with realistic grace. Butt Boy does it but goes for an all out crazy swing of the bat that ends up knocking it out the park. The payoff of the film isn’t so much the ending. But the execution of a crazy notion that turns out to be an entertaining film. My jaw dropped at the end of the film. All I could think was “wow, he really pulled it off.” Butt Boy is a must see film.

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Author: Wil Munny

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