Eden Lake

I have gone on the record and stated that I believe Night of the Living Dead to be the greatest horror film ever made. And there are many film that have some terrifying scenes in them. However, the most terrifying film that I have ever seen is Eden Lake. There is another film that comes close to it. And that film is The Girl Next Door. But that is to be talked about another day. Today is Eden Lake day. And this film fucks with you hard. Whether you are a hubby, a boyfriend, a wife, girlfriend, or a friend with benefits. Being in the situation really scary. Not a ghost coming out a dark recess of a closest with a loud audio clue scary. But a relatable like “We are in a bad situation and what the fuck are we going g to do about” scary.

The film is about being in the wrong place period. Hower there are some layers to it. Like if you have a bad feeling about something. Follow that feeling. What ensues if the most emotionally grueling and scene after scen of possible and actual horror. It don’t ever let up. Even with it feels as though it may. It doesn’t until it does.

James Watkins the great director the Woman in Black and writer of Descent 2 did his thing with this film. He cast headlined by Kelly Reilly and Michael Fassbender were perfect unknown actors for me when I first saw the movie, The did an amazing job, Along with the kids. What an incredible film. If possible see it with your significant other. And enjoy.

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Author: Wil Munny

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