The Descent 2

Ok, let me say one thing. This film is a near-perfect horror film. Only one thing kills it for me. The last minute of the film. Other than that it is perfect. In fact, it is better than the first film. Which isn’t fair seeing how the sequel had such an amazing movie to use as its foundation.

Okay, let’s get into it. James Watkins, the writer and director of Eden Lake, the director of The Woman in Black, and director of the Black Mirror episode Shut Up and Dance co-wrote the incredible sequel to the amazing film, The Descent. The film picks up as the ending of the original. There were are reintroduced to the semi-heroic, but the final girl from the first film, Sarah. I am going to be real about her. She is a fucking asshole. As Grey would say “Who does that?” What she did in the first film was pretty freaking fucked up. But hey, She gets a pass and also a starring role in the sequel.

The film does a very good job in building off of the first film. It lacks the incredible all female cast and element of surprise. However, it makes it up for the most part with a strong direction to action. I found the pacing a little rushed. But come on man. We wanted to get into the caverns as soon as possible. Which was cool.

The supporting cast was used in a manner that just made the film spectacular in my opinion. Each secondary character had their moment to shine and had deaths they were worthy of the allotted screen time. I got to say this. They made sure that you walked away from the film experiencing something similar but different. Just that damn a few minutes. I am sure it didn’t ruin the movie for most people. I just would have rather seen her death be worthwhile than how it was presented to the viewers. We deserved to see her death. Oh well. It still is damn good. Check this film out!!!

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