So after thinking about Ari Aster’s film Midsommar. I was actually disturbed by what I saw. I will admit I probably saw the film from a very different lens that the average viewer of this film. What I saw was not a film about breakup or grief. What I saw was a film about white supremecy, white privilege, disenfranchisement of minorities, assimilation and social norms. I think the concept of it being about “grief” was just a marketing concept. That concept actually masked what was actually going on in the movie.

The white supremecy aspect can be seen all throughout the film. From Inegmar claiming a sense of ownership of Connie by stating he dating Connie. That was passive aggressive act of displaying a sense of ownership over her and dominiance over her fiance. The fact her was declared he to be officiating their wedding ceremony established it even more so. Marriage was not a given right as a human for many of blacks during the time of slavery in the united states. It was illegla and any unionship had to be given permission from the slave owner.

From Christian that taking over the thesis subject matter that Josh has clearly declared as his own and to it being supposedly endorsed by the elders in the community that is was taken from him. It was an endorsement of white supremacy. It was the age old tale of a white person claim soverign over anything a black person felt they owned. The fact the decision to take complete ownership from Josh by an unseen all white jury felt so familiar.

There were other things that played into the role of white spupremecy to me. There was an over all importance that whiteness had in the community. It was even apparent in clothes they wore. It was also seen by the people who made up the community. There was not a diverse racial component to them at all. There was a strong desire for assimilation through out the film. In fact assimilation aspect went from the very moment they first interacted with the community, to the involvement with the festival, and the final act of the film. It was a celebration of outsiders assimilating into the larger white community with no questions. You either be a part of us, be used by us, or die.

The disenfranchisement of the outside groups were double fold. It was shown that the outsiders were shipped from there countries of origin ultimately for reason that benefit the larger group. And in the sense they were degraded as the outsiders from the very beginning. Even their deaths were marginalized and not view as important enough to be seen even by us, the viewers.  I felt like this was done to dehumanize them. That and the fact outsiders we used to breed added to the dehumanizing of the people. The social norm aspect pretty much permeates throughout the entire film.

Lastly the film is supposedly about grief. I don’t quite by that. I think the movie established from the start she was fragile and probably pass the point of return emotionally. Nothing was shown to imply anything about her relationship with her family. Other than her sister calls Dani and has threathen to kill herself before. I don’t even get how we can greive for Dani when there is no emotional backstory to relate her pain with.

Also, I feel that the story would have been best suited if the character with an actual storyarc was front and centered to the viewers. The film claims to be about so many things but never what is actually shown on the screen. The story I saw was about Christian who is dealing with a emotionally fragile girl friend. Who he knows that he wants to be with her and when she has a traumatic event take place runs to be there for her. He stated he wanted to be with her because he felt she might be the one. He included her in his life with his friends. He shown even though things were emotional her at least tried to be there. Little stuff like inviting her to the party. Inviting her and bringing her to the tip. Not willing to take drugs without her. Apologizing for not remembering her born day and not being cool with sleeping with Pelle’s sister Maja.

Christian arc was about him finding himself while forces like doubt about his relationship and his scholastic future while trying to avoiding the stalking the community had happening. Which ended up with his drugging, rape, and murder. I mean what really happened to Dani? She won a dance contest. One that I am not sure wasn’t rigged up for her to win.

I don’t know. I didn’t like the film. But I would to you to check this movie out just so you can parse through the same things that I did while watching the film.

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