We Are What We Are – 2013

When I heard they were Americanizing one of the best Mexican horror films that I ever seen I was slightly disappointed. However, I dragged my friend to see it. I mean it came out around my birthday. And I usually grab some of my friends to see a film they probably wouldn’t normally see on their own. In 2013 this was that movie.

I have to say it again. I was really worried that I was going to be disappointed. However, everything about the film put it on par with the original. I think it not being a shot for shot remake. And it creating its own story was the strongest point of the film for me. The 2013 version of the film played to the American moviegoer. While the original Mexican film was a tour de force of what makes cinema an amazing medium for art. It is the greatest Mexican horror movie that I have ever seen. This is a good and entertaining film. There is no shame with that.

The story begin with us witnessing the death of the matriarchal head of a family. That family we learn are an extremely religious family. The death of the mother starts in motion the traditions that the family adheres to. This tradition has ramifications for the family and the community that they live in.

How some people are engrossed by paranormal films. I am that same way with religious zealot films. I can’t get enough of people so devoted to a notion they commit horrible acts of violence. This film is framed that way. It is worth a watch. I would suggest that you watch the American version first. This way I think you will find appreciation for what they were attempting to do and how incredible the original 2010 film is.

In closing the director Jim Mickie did a really good job of creating something new. I hope you find this film as enjoyable as I did.

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Author: Wil Munny

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