This was easily one of the most anticipated films for me at the beginning of 2019. After “Get Out”. I couldn’t imagine anything but an amazing film. I got a pretty good film with so many things about it that warmed my horror genre warmed heart. Yes, there were some things about the film that didn’t make sense. But it is science. It is film making. Storytelling. You focus on what the storyteller is weaving for you and enjoy.

One of my regrets about the film is that I expect way too much. And it isn’t my fault. The industry doesn’t represent people of color in a manner that allows for a viewer like myself not personify the success of the film. I was so invested in seeing it be the most amazing film and experience. That is a lot of pressure. Hopefully, Jordan and us black viewers can have that dissipate some overtime. All we need is more stories told by us. Expressing our viewpoints. And the love we have for ourselves on the big screen. It lacks so much and that is why I probably put so much pressure on this film. I kind of can empathize with the latest Black Christmas film. It had that pressure. But its failure was not so much execution but the vehicle. Taking an existing beloved franchise and character was the biggest mistake. But I digress. Let’s talk about US.

Where this film succeeds is that it is so original. From the middle-class black family to underlining motive of the bogeymen. I think Jordan does an excellent job in allowing us to be portrayed on the screen in a comforting and accurate manner. I don’t think I can give a non-spoiler description of the story. Especially one that everyone has seen, lol. However, I will try.

The film is about a suburban middle-class black family that goes to the beach for a short vacation. While there they have a deadly encounter with doppelgangers. The doppelgangers’ motives are unknown. What is clear is that they want to family dead.

The cast is amazing. Lupita Nyong just captured the screen with so much grace. She and her performance was beautiful. Winston Duke continued his strong wrong of cultural impactful performances. I am pretty stoked to see what other iconic roles he does in the future. His corny suburban dad role in this film was so relatable. And the kids. What can I say? They were so adorable and perfect. I would say this was my favorite ensemble of the year. My only gripe is I wish it came out around Halloween. We had nothing horror wise or at the end of the year to cheer for. But January is the time horror drops. So it was a great time. My complaint is minor. But still, it would have been nice for it to come out in Halloween. If you have not seen the film. I suggest you rent or buy it today.

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