Well, I didn’t expect this. Underwater is a more than solid film. It isn’t an Aliens ripoff as some people suggest. It is a lazy comparison. This film is about the challenges that take place when a deep-deep-deep-sea drilling camp begins experiencing serious breach. The breach that takes place is pretty much as serious as one can be. The amount of survivors are limited. Once the group gets together an embark on the journey to escape the volatile environment they found themselves in.

I really felt this film provided a good amount of suspense. It was more Descent than Aliens. I say this in the highest degree of respect possible. Descent was a magical ride. This is isn’t that. But the use of the creatures was a good attempt to remind the viewers that cold and dark places are a great environment for scares. I do have some complaints. However, the film is fun and sets out as does a great job in making the first solid entry in the horror genre this year. It is definitely worth a watch. Great cast too. I don’t think you will be disappointed.

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Author: Wil Munny

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