Trouble Every Day

“I don’t care” should be the title of this film. Why? Because I don’t care that people consider this film to be horrible. I don’t care people don’t like Vincent Gallo. I don’t care people feel that this was Claire Denis worse film. I don’t care that the characters in the film didn’t seem to care about each other. It don’t matter to me because I know something they don’t know about this film. It is absolutely a perfect example of the kind of film that sticks with you long after you finish viewing it. It is like celluloid flypaper.

The basic premise of the film is a man marries a woman. He takes the woman to Paris for a honeymoon but actually he in reality is going there to find the obsession of his life, a woman named Coré. I don’t think it is totally clear if he is aware or not of one certain fact. She is a murderer. There is a curious sexual component to her murder spree. Hell, there an alarming sexual violent component to the entire film. It doesn’t take anything from the film. There is a point to everything you see. People are fucked up and some situation they find themselves are equally fucked up too. I love that. There is a huge lack of humanity in this movie. The darkness is almost as intoxicating as Ever-clear.

I don’t know what it is about a certain death scene in that featured in this film. However, it is something about it that makes it without a doubt one of the best ever. This film artistic minimalist approach to this film was perfect. I hope you enjoy this film as much as I did.

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Author: Wil Munny

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