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Of course, Pootie Tang is the best film Chris Rock has ever made. I believe what makes this my favorite of his films is that it feels so honest in how it displays friendship, family, love, regrets, mishaps and all the other things people deal with in life.

The story is about Andre Allen who is a recovering alcoholic who happens to be a well-known comedian/actor. His claim to fame is playing a cop in a bear suit called “Hammy.” However, he has reached a point as most top-earning comedians do in the career. He decides to reach for a serious dramatic role. But while looking to do that he has a marriage with a hot chick being documented and being prepped for prime time viewing on cable. That and he has met a reporter named Chelsea Brown.

Chelsea and Andre’s relationship becomes the foundation for the rest of the film. They both are opened up and the fears and life choices are on full display. Not for them, but also the viewer. It is so interesting becoming more familiar with each character. They both appear to have it all. But they both are looking for something. The exploration of this is very satisfying. Take a look at a very good film. And everyone has a top five. Who is on your list?

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Author: Wil Munny

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