The Vanishing – 1988

The Director – George Sluizer

Pain can either break you or allow you to transcend to become something you could never imagine becoming. In this case, we see both possibilities become reality. Rex is a man who losing his beautiful girlfriend Saskia during a mundane stop at a gas station. She is lost to him for years. The disappearance of her dominates his very existence. His thoughts and actions constantly involve her disappearance. He continues his search for her. And one day he gets the opportunity to finally find out what happened to Saskia. And what happened is named Raymond Lemorne.

This movie is perfect. It works on so many levels. We can all relate to the emotional impact of loss. Loss is usually accompanied by regret. The combination of the two can utterly destroy a person’s life. This film poetically describes that and the film’s protagonist is the perfect guide to give us a tour on this harrowing journey. Somethings are often best left in the past. 

Lastly please don’t see the US remake of this film. Even though the original director wrote and directed the newer version it isn’t worth your time viewing. It is one of the worst remakes ever made. Please stay away from the 1993 version of this film with Jeff Bridges and Keifer Sutherland. However, I would suggest you check out the novella the movie was adapted from that was written by Tim Krabbe titled “The Golden Egg” aka “The Vanishing.”

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Author: Wil Munny

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