The Skin I Live In

I can only think of two films that I have read the book after watching the film. One was “The Reader”. The other book was “Tarantula” by Thierry Jonquet. Which became the movie know as “The Skin I Live In”. The book was very good and different compared to the movie. I am not sure if it is because I saw the movie first that I prefer it. But I do find the film version that was written and directed by the great Pedro Almodovar to be superior.

This is the classic story of revenge, mad scientist, and love all wrapped up one on beautiful movie. The movie as most films I enjoy tap into that dark recess our minds and hearts. This film isn’t a lovely fairy tale. It is a fucked up revenge story built on lost love. Ok, wait a minute. As I sit here and think about it some more. I really liked the book as much as I like the film. I guess I loved the book. The thing about the film is so alive. The coldness towards Vera is downplayed immensely compared to the book. Richard (film) or Robert (book) was a grieving psychotic dick with medical skills. Vicente aka Vera (film) or Eve (book) was the subject of all Richard’s pain. His pain drove him to do what he did to Vicente.

This movie is seen to be believed. Amazing cast and such an insane story. This is most def a favorite film of mine. Check this movie out.

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Author: Wil Munny

I hope you have not seen any film that I discuss. It is better that way.

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  1. I have not read the book but this movie is spectacular. A great tale of revenge! I was shown this movie by a person with great taste in films and was told that this movie would blow my mind. I’ve since seen this film well over five times. Each time showing it to someone who had never heard of it but was looking to watch something that fucks with your head. It’s beautiful, sexy, riveting, Intense and morbid. It’s a great big ball of oh my gawd, wtf. Your review is spot on with how great this one is. I need to buy the book.

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