The Photograph

Pretty people make pretty movies. This film definitely puts on Black Hollywoods freshest new faces. I mean I am a huge LaKeith Stanfield fan. I can’t wait for him to get that defining role so we are in a position to wait for the next LaKeith Stanfield vehicle. I am looking forward to that day. Issa Rae, who I don’t follow because I don’t normally watch comedies and stuff. But I must say, I really enjoyed my first introduction to her. I loved everything about her composure and character in the film. I was so into her journey. It was a blast. I hope to see her in more dramatic films in the future.

The Photograph was a movie that told the story of the complexities of loving a person and living your life. It was two stories. One story is about the mother who love of a man and her future collided. The other story was about two Black professionals and their navigation between each other, family, goals, and love life. It was a very good presentation of people on the big screen. And more notably black love and family.

This is definitely the first film worth revisiting that I have seen so far this year. The movie was really needed. No gunshots, gangs, slaves, police brutality, just beautiful representation of black people, life and love. The director and screenwriter Stella Meghie did an amazing job of creating and directing a lovely story. And the performance of the Christina Earnes and Y’lan Noel as young Isaac worked so well. To a point, you felt like to just wanted more screen time to soak of more of their story. Just great performance by everyone involved.

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