The Man From Nowhere

Lee Jeong-Beom is the director of the incredible Cruel Winter Blues. This film put him another orbit as it was an amazing film. However, he came back onto the scene with his hommage to a John Woo film. This film had an incredible story and dynamics fight scenes. It isn’t shot like a John Woo film. But you can feel it has inspired the film in some ways. The film I am talking about is the amazing movie call “The Man From Nowhere.”

The Go-Go dancing Hyo-jeong and her boyfriend steal a gangster’s stash of heroin. She hides it by pawning it in her neighbor Cha Tae-sik The Man From Nowhere’s pawnshop. Cha befriends the cute as hell daughter of Hyo named So-mi. However, Cha’s quiet unassuming life is invaded by gangsters wanting the drugs back. And the do it and kidnap the mother and daughter who made him complicit by stashing the drugs in his store. Well if you have not learned anything from movies. You have to understand this. Don’t mess with children.

This movie is such a treat. I hope you check it out if you have not seen it already. It is A fabulously violently film. No one is spared. Won Bin kicks so much ass. He is pushed into it but doesn’t back down one bit as it spirals out of control. Kim Sae-ron is just so cute. I really enjoyed her character. You guys really need to see this film. On a sad note. Won Bin last cinematic treat to the cinema gods is the film. Pay homage to it,

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