The Last Dragon

This is the best worst movie next to Purple Rain. I mean it is to awful it is great. I love the campiness of the film. It just doesn’t make much sense at all. The performances lol, Jesus. But I still love this film. Maybe, cause I am crazy. Or it is the nostalgia thing. I really don’t know why exactly. But I love this movie.

The name Bruce Leroy probably has as many fond memories as people that grew up in the period I did. It was something about the notion there was a Bruce Leroy (Taimak) than the actual character. His names bring us back to a time that was just fun for so many of us. And come on. Sho’nuff (Julius J Carry III) was the perfect and most relatable villain so many of us loved. He was our villain, not just a villain. And the film made is clear that the real villain was the character Eddie Arkadian played by Chris Murney. His sole purpose was to take Laura Charles (Vanity) from us, Bruce Leroy, his little brother Richie, and us the viewer. The basic story is silly as fuck. But it was the 80’s and substance wasn’t as big a deal as style.

This isn’t clearly Michael Schultz finest moment as a director. But it was a pop culture phenomenon. And for that reason, I suggest you check this movie out.

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Author: Wil Munny

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