The Invisible Man – What If?

So this is the first time I am doing this. It isn’t that I disliked the film. That isn’t the case at all. I thought it was pretty damn good. However, watching the film and reviewing it kind of made me think about the film ina different manner. What I am about to say isn’t that if done the way I going to suggest would have made it a better film. It would just be different. With saying that. Let me begin.

The major thing that kind out stuck with me was how we really didn’t get to see the Invisible Man much. It was more about Cecilla than the Invisible Man. So what if Cecilla was actually the Invisible Man? Ok, I know that might sound crazy. But that film was already created and done very well. That film was released in 2003 in France and was titled Haute Tension aka High Tension aka Switchblade Romance. This film was directed by Alexandre Aja and co-written with Gregory Levasseur. In this film, you watch the brutal assault by “The Killer.” the two women Marie portrayed by ironically named amazing actress Cecile De France and Alex by actress and director, Maiiween. The Killer in this film isn’t wearing an invisible garment. But is invisible to the viewer. Or at the very least is invisible to the viewer by presenting an unreliable view. Which basically has the same effect.

This crossed my mind until two events took place. The first was when Cecilla was excused of sending a hurtful email to her sister. The second was when her niece Sydney Lanier claimed she was hit by Cecilla. I wonder for a second that maybe Adrien did send the email and she was the victim of his antics. But then I thought what if she did send it? How cool would that have been? I mean we never saw Adrien ever do anything harmful to her. All we saw was her drug him and leave their domicile. What if would the movie be like if we had her as the unreliable narrator? I couldn’t help wonder. Especially when Sydney got hit and kicked and blamed Cecilla. I couldn’t help wonder even if there was an invisible man she could verify that Cecilla didn’t attack her. But she didn’t. Which made me think of Haute Tension. Because no matter what we saw as the viewer the characters in the film saw the reality of the situation. I was wondering if the same thing was happening in this film. I felt the parallels where there. And if the film went into those directors, I wouldn’t have complained.

Now I know this is a stretch. Obvious the story is canon and is what it is. However, what if Cecilla really was a cold-blooded murder? That would have been cool as hell if she was the Invisible Man and not Adrien. Just as there was no The Killer and only Alex butchering people. I think that would have been really freaking cool. We didn’t get that. We did get a pretty kick-ass film either way. I was just thinking that a film about Cecille and family being gaslighted could have been just as awesome if she gaslighted the audience similar to what was done in Haute Tension. Lastly she murdered Adrien in cold look and left the crime scene with the suit and a new moral compass. What is held onto all these attributed and was title Thr Invisible? Could it have been a good film

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