The Invisible Man – 2020

Well damn. I guess I got the best film of the year candidate from the Blumhouse reimagination of The Invisible Man. What a great film. I mean I can’t believe that last Saturday I saw their Fantasy Island film. A film that I didn’t hate by the way. And to follow it up five days later with this intense and amazing film. Oh yeah, I had to see it in Dolby Cinema. This film was such a treat. Elizabeth Moss was freaking amazing. She had a award-winning performance. I mean the emotional range she had to present to us was done with so much skill. I can’t put into words how great she was.

I don’t think I am giving away anything by calling it a mixture of Julia Roberts’ Sleeping With The Enemy, with a dash of David Cronenberg’s The Fly, and H.G. Wells’ The Invisible Man. This film takes on an already sociopath and the victim of his rage with a presentation that will definitely send chills up and down the viewer’s spine. You could just sense so much and see so very little. The character was made for this story. I can’t tell you how much I think this is the film that should be revered as important for the female protagonist in films for years to come. I hope there isn’t a sequel. This fil. is strong enough to stand on its own one film merit. As a film that is just incredible and does justice with the intellectual property that birthed it.

I don’t know how many more. Or if we even need any reimaginations of early universal horror icons. But if we do get any made. Please let Leigh Whannel write and direct them. I am not his biggest cinema fan. But this really won me over. This is a must-see film. The only must-see American film released so far this year in my opinion. Underwater is cool. But after seeing this. It showed a large degree of separation in quality. I like both films. But at this point. Only this film is a must-see. Go see The Invisible Man.

I think this is the film female viewers have really been looking for. From Charlie’s Angels to Black Christmas, and finally Birds of Prey, these films were being championed as great films that showcased a female story and stuff. But film fans that complained about the quality were silenced. Well, now they have a solid film that can be and is well deserved of the praise it is getting. Not to diminish the work it took to make those films. And if you enjoy them then cool. But if you loved those films. Be ready to be blown away. This film is just a powerful and incredible experience. Enjoy it.

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