The Hunt 2020

Well, obviously the movies I have seen this year has been limited. The last film I had tickets to but made a decision to forgo it was The Hunt. Saftey was so much more important. However, I have been so excited to see this film. So many people shitted on it. However, the final product made this one of the best “Human Hunting” films of all-time. The movie entire premise plays with that notion so cleverly. It turned out to be a film that when I finally saw it made this the most pleasant surprise cinematically for me.

What this film does is take advantage of the absorb the ridiculous concept of people hunting people for motives that are explained kind of early in the film. It takes a good piss on the viewers’ leanings and creates a world that is actually fun to watch. And the most fun thing to watch was Betty Gilpin as one of the most fun final girls I can remember seeing, Crystal Creasey. She just had so much presence as kicked as and proved to be extremely intelligent. I felt we got more than we could have ever hoped for in her character. She was amazing and is the reason to watch the film multiple times.

If you got a moment to spare in front of the television. Which I am sure you do. Watch The Hunt. Seriously the film kicks some serious ass.

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Author: Wil Munny

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