Swallow – 2020

I love this film. I love “The Lodge”, but I really really love this film. I found it to beautifully unnerving as fuck. Haley Bennett as Hunter the new bride to some rich as fuck kid to some twats of parents falls victim to the psychological disorder known as Pica. Her station with the disorder is subtle at first. Because unless you read a lot of strange this or knows someone with this disorder it silly. Until what is being swallowed turns deadly.

But as bad as this disorder was affecting her life. She clearly had some bigger triggers like her married into the family, and her relationship with her biological parents. She has so many things she is trying to unpack at once. Then add-in the worst Psychologist ever on film. Hunter was a mess.

The really cool thing about the film is that it ends on a good note, She finally gets to have a real choice about her life. I don’t know if she will stop eat stuff. But she has an opportunity to get better. And it will be why people will enjoy this very dark film directed by Carlos Mirabella-Davis. What a great first film. I am dying to see more. See this great film. See it now.

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Author: Wil Munny

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