Somos lo que hay

A disheveled elderly man stumbles in a metropolitan street and dies. A coroner finds a finger in the man’s stomach. A mystery is discovered and must be solved. And at the same time, a family with the loss of their Patricarchial figure must evolve and most importantly must eat.

This is easily one of the best horror films of the decade. I had to pleasure of reacquainting myself with the Jorge Michel Grau directed film. Jesus freaking christ. It is brilliant. What this film does differently than the American remake from 2013, that I love is everything. Social economics of the characters are front and center. The reason for the acts of violence are somewhat murky. The cast feels like an actual family. The direction is absolutely killer.

Once the dynamics of the family hierarchy begins to be questioned. You are pulled into the film. This film is a masterpiece. The cast is easily one of the best ensemble cast that I have seen. Every actor fit with what I saw onscreen. The cannibalism aspects is least a driving factor to the film. This is a family dynamic drama. Sibling issues, parental issues, and family economic issues are the star of this film. It is kind of like Parasite in that regard. At least that is what I saw and loved about the film.

I highly suggest you take a long at this film. It is brilliant and will make an impression with you. This film like so many other non-american horror films should be promoted in America. The whitewashing of horror is problematic. So many films like this can and should have North American distribution rights so people can get used to hearing and seeing other cultures’ stories and other people on the big screen. I did enjoy the remake of this film. However, the original is so many light-years superior. It is almost criminal it was not promoted theatrical in the US.

Anyways find this film and enjoy this masterpiece. I do know you can find it used in DVD format on Amazon. It is worth the cost. But you do have to search for it in English as “We are what we are” 2010. Happy huntings!!

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