Send Me to the Clouds

I am conflicted about how I feel about this movie. It is a somewhat solid film. It has some very good acting. And the story is understandable. It is about a young woman that discovers she has ovarian cancer. She then is given an opportunity that she doesn’t seem to appreciate. In turn, she neglects herself and the people who are trying to be a part of her life. But I do think her faults play a role in creating a complex character that you want to be in the corner of but has some issue doing so. Hence the source of my uncertainty about how I feel about the film.

The director Teng Congcong created a grim world where women over 27 or something near that age are so of left behind in social standings. It is interested in seeing that cultural shift. When compared to the United States. Women are waiting until their late twenties to early thirties to commit to family life. This issue is something that is something these women have to come to grips with inside of China. Sheng Nan who’s name is so similar to the term “Sheng Nu” which is the term for leftover woman maneuver throughout the fills like a bulldozer. Creating conflict everywhere and with everyone. Part is due to her illness. Another part is due to the emotional issues from her past and present place in this world. 

Even though I didn’t particularly like her character. I could understand her lashing out at everyone as she attempted to justify her existence in the male-dominated space she lived in. Unfortunately, her main target for release was her mother Meizhi played incredibly by Wu Yufang. She was so amazing and stole the movie in my opinion. I would have loved to see how her story played out. That was a major disappointment. However, it is a testament to what Wu Yufang brought to the role and movie.

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