Regan – Fanedit of The Exorcist

The first thing I need to do is give a shoutout to Maniac1962 who made this incredible cut of a movie I never liked. I would never say Excorcist is overrated. I don’t find possession films terrifying at all because belief I have that they are so fulls of shit. With not being a believer I find them so damn comical. However, this fanedit is performed a miracle. It made a film that I found to be pretty boring to something extremely entertaining.

The story doesn’t need any introduction. It is the exorcist for Christ’s sakes. What makes this cut different is that it takes out all the background noise of characters like Father Damien Karras. Who had a lot of scenes cut out of the film. This decision was so wise as to cut out unnecessary elements to the film that proved to add to what I considered a very boring film. Additional aspects of the mother were cut out. It just wasn’t as important enough. I will admit the most controversial cut was the deletion of Burke Dennings’ death from the film. You would think being cut would hurt the film because it was so crucial for the mother realizing something other than mental illness might b at play.

In fact, this cut creates such a streamlined story that you are totally engrossed in the story. You don’t have many moments wasted on things not important to the entire point of the movie existing. Which is Regan being possessed by Pazuzu. This film is a blast to watch. Not to mention it has been edited to monochrome and knocked down to a runtime of 62 minutes. This is the best edit ever of the film.

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