I love films that take me a while to digest to fully understand what I just watched. This is one of those types of films. Bong Joon Ho’s latest film is the Palme d’Or winning selection, Parasite. Let me tell you something. It is an amazing work of art. The movie is one of those rare films that tone shifts numerous times throughout the entire film. It is a down on your luck film. It is a dark comedy. It is a heist film, It is a mistaken identity film. It is a social commentary film. It is a horror film. And it is a tragedy. It is a roller coaster ride for the viewers. I was just amazed as the complexity is beyond what is normally seen in films. I was impressed.

Kang-ho Song’s portrayal of Mr. Kim was my favorite character in the film. He was the father who was the center of the chaos that made this movie so great. Boon’s director of Kang-ho was masterful. It was nice to see the two of them team up again. They worked so well in Memories of Murder. And did just as incredible job together again for this film. He was so evil but it was done in a manner that made him come off as an opportunist oaf. At least that is how I saw it.

This film will have you feeling some type of way. The film is brilliant. Don’t miss seeing this movie.

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Author: Wil Munny

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