Once Were Warriors

This movie is a magnificent film. It is so powerful and depicts the pain inflicted on a family and friends due to colonialism and the cascading effects it wrecks on them and the community. People tend to look a this film as a depiction of misogynous and alcoholism running amok. However, the destruction of love, commutation, and family is based on the evil of colonialism. Its impact is hidden in the vices the character falls victim to. The story is about all those this and it is also about strength.

I know that the horror genre holds Ripley, Laurie Stroud, and Sarah Connors as Alpha-Females for fans to look up to. But if you ask me the true Alpha-Female in the cinema is Beth. She encompasses the frailty of humanity. She is as human as they come. And endures so much in the most horrific human situation people go through every day. She is a warrior who you watch go through the most unimaginable experiences. My heart wept uncontrollably as her boogie man was the man she loved and the world she lived in.

Jake and the cruel world relentless pursued her. It is as relentless as Michael Myers and Jason can be. This film is a horror movie is the greatest sense. You want to watch her survive her ordeal. You want to help her and not just watch. This film isn’t entertainment. But a decree on the horrors we inflict on the people who need help the most. Beth just wants a loving family situation and a safe environment for her love ones. Isn’t that all anyone of us really desire? Go see this film. One of the best films that I have ever seen.

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Author: Wil Munny

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