Once Upon A Time In Hollywood

I waited weeks after the initial release of this movie to come out to even seriously consider to see this film. I have to be honest. QT’s use of racially insensitive dialogue in his films has put me off from seeing his films in the theater. The level of uncomfortableness isn’t worth seeing his films in theater. But after weeks of it being out for general consumption, I relented and went to the theater to see his latest film. I wondered if not seeing it in Dolby Cinema was going to bother me some. It didn’t which was a surprise. I love Dolby Cinema. However, I do love watching films in a smaller setting.

I saw it in a theater that had no more than 50 or 70 seats available. There was a sense of intimacy with the film due to such small viewing quarters. I like sitting in theaters with people you kind of assume have good taste in cinema. The smaller the theater the better the films. Granted juggernaut like Quentin has moved into the mogul category. That being said he still makes quality cinema.

The story touched on friendship and aging. I liked what I saw. It was a relatable set of themes that made for a film that was very different from his previous films. The inclusion of the Manson family was used perfectly in this film. I really can appreciate a filmmaker surprising me with what he does with his film. He made a film that is up there with his best films. I believe this is my 3rd favorite movie that he has directed. It is Behind Jackie Brown and Reservoir Dogs. And significantly more interesting as a film than Kill Bill movies. Watching this movie smoothly make its rounds of interesting scenes to the incredible final was such a pleasure. The ending is beautiful. I can’t wait to purchase this film.

Quentin picked an excellent cast for this film. I felt that everyone did a very good job and fit. The Steve McQueen actor was the only person that threw me off a bit. But other than that. Everyone was perfect in their roles. The pacing of this film felt so right. It was clunky only in the beginning. However, once the Al Pacino scene ended I felt like the movie was moving along perfectly. As I said earlier what an ending. Loved this film. Check out this movie.

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