Oldboy 2013

When they said they were remaking Oldboy. I was just like everybody else. I hated it. I am that kind of fan. Don’t remake non-english speaking films unless I say it is ok. But then when I heard it was being remade by Spike Lee, I was cool with it. Why? Because Spike Lee can make any mother fucking movie that he wants to. And seeing how Spike Lee is remaking an incredible film that I absolutely love. Well, it has to be worth a viewing.

You all know the story kidnapped for 20 years, blah, blah, blah, blah. Okay now that we got that out the way. Let’s break it down. This is an incredibly hard film to remake. It is so beloved that it was immediately embraced when the news of it came out. People who saw it in the theaters were enraged the classic film was being released so soon. And to my shocked everyone was upset as hell that there were no subtitles. Lol, sorry I couldn’t resist. People on the interwebs hated the fact this movie was being redone. The hated the fact that an infamous character was being whitewashed. I felt a little pissed. Not because it was being remade. But because this particular film was being remade and actually getting a wide release in America. The original deserved that and still does. As for it being whitewashed. It is Hollywood. It is kind of expected. I just throw my hands up on that one. The time span between the original and remade was actually decent. I have no complaint about that. And nobody in America sees films in the theaters that have subtitles unless it has been spoken about on Good Morning America or The View. American filmgoers are all about seeing films that people speak English and look like them or a co-worker. That is just how it is. How else can you explain people wanting to see Little Women a movie that if you were to watch it with the audio muted would look like every other Hollywood film with three white women starring in it. Or The Irishman, which is Martin remaking all his film with all the same characters again, but yet somehow deserving of an Oscar. Anyways…

Spike Lee is the reason to see this film. Now, the original film is an amazing piece of art.It is about consequences, revenge, family, and asks the question if it is possible to truly comes to terms with your worst action. Try to live up to the amazing work Park Chan-wook did in the original film is next to impossible. And any attempt to do so should be met with appreciation. And Spike Lee didn’t get that. Instead, he got the opposite. Spike Lee got bashed for everything about the film. Especially about the squid eating scene. But you know what? There was nothing he could have done to make this film beloved. Which is kind of why I like it. You can’t please everyone. Sometimes you got to do you and just live with what the results are. This film isn’t bad. It is Spike Lee’s Oldboy. Josh Brolin is no Choi Min-sik. Who played the role of Oh Dae-su in the original whit is Joe Doucett in the remake. I mean none of the characters live up to the original. But as I said before. It is all about this being a Spike Lee film. And it was interesting seeing him do something we have never seen from him before. See this movie then watch the original. That being said there have been rumors of a Spike Lee cut that is 140 minutes. Not the 105 minute theatrical version. You cant always get what you want. Hopefully, this is the last American remake of the film. If it is. It is still worth watching. The differences alone make it an interesting experience.

Passing thoughts. Seeing Samuel L Jackson in a Spike Lee movie is always a good thing. And Rami Malek really owes a lot of meals to Spike. And seeing two of my favorite directors do the same film was very exciting. It was a very cool flick to watch. Hopefully, people will give it a shot and appreciate it for what it is. A pretty decent movie. It is no Oldboy. But how many films are?

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