Official Secrets

I got another film that falls into my “Best of 2019” lists. Official Secrets is an emotionally charged film about the United States conspiring with Britan to blackmail members of the United Nations Security Council to ensure a vote to entrench the was against Sadaam and Iraqi as legal. And the British Intelligence Officer, Katherine Gunn who risked everything to prevent the lies and deceit that were in the background to the push to war to be withheld from her fellow countrymen and women.

I was so surprised by the degree of talent that went into making a somewhat dry story so accessible for viewers to embrace. This film tackles the story of this brave woman so gracefully. Keira Knightley took the character and story of Katherine Gunn and allowed the story to be center stage. The story in itself is one that is complex. I mean when is doing the right thing wrong. Even more, what happens when being wrong is morally right but treasonous? How are those actions taken to be reconciled and judged by the world? There are so many issues to question. I mean when you compile the actions of these governments it is downright terrifying.

What a brave woman to go up against the system for all the right reasons. And the film plays out the story in a manner that brings nothing but sadness and pride in the actions of a woman that did something most people would not do.

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