Maniac – 2012

This is one of my all-time favorite horror films. Not just because it is great. And in my opinion, exceeds the original by miles. But because it was this film that I discovered Elijah Wood was a horror fan. His clout has helped develop so many great additions to the genre. I think it is so cool for him to be an advocate for the genre that I love.

The story is one that has been told before. It is all about a man named Frank Zito and his compulsive acts of violence on the women in Los Angeles. The original film the carnage was in New York City. The change of scenery doesn’t lessen the intense outbursts of violence by Frank one bit. This film increases the level of intensity in an unnerving way. I feel that he is more in control as a character in this film. He is more diabolical than the original incarnation of Frank Zito. It is hard not to revisit the original. Even though this Frank is a mess. He is not a reckless mess. His calculating manner is extremely terrifying.

This film does so many good things. Like the POV filming that just helped put you in Frank’s head. Not to mention the conclusion, but it is excellent. I never cared for the original film’s ending. However, the way this film closed itself felt so right. It was deserved and done well. All the credit the writer Alexandre Aja and director Franck Khalfoun for everything that helped elevate this film to greatness. It was a team effort, but still. Their vision is haunting.

Lastly, as amazing Elijah was as Frank. So was Nora Arnezeder as Anna. You can tell that this movie everyone was determined to create something special. I believe they did. I honestly believe that this film is the greatest slasher film of all time.

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