We can talk about this film. We can talk about the direction. We can talk about the first appearance of Hannibal Lecter on film, We can talk about the book. And we could easily talk about Will Graham. But I rather focus on one thing. I want to talk about Tooth Fairy.

In this film, the Tooth Fairy aka Francis Dollarhyde is the serial killer who has entered the life of Wil Graham. Will Graham who is recovering physically and emotionally from the events involving the captor of Dr. Hannibal Lecter or as they called him Lecktor in this film. Lecter is brought back in Will Graham’s life as the Tooth Fairy, the newest serial killer being hunted by the FBI. The savage nature of the attacks and the Tooth Fairy elusiveness forces Will Graham to consult with his former nemesis Dr. Hannibal Lector to find him Which has some disastrous results for lots of people.

Tom Noonan’s portrayal of the Tooth Fairy will always be measured against 2002 Red Dragon and Ralph Fiennes’s version of the character. Both portrayals are excellent. However, Tom’s was the first. He did it was a more grounded version of the character that was pretty terrifying. He stood out in the film because it was so stylized in every way except for him and Lecter. The scenes involving the Tooth Fairy make this film. I don’t think I had ever seen an antagonist like this on the screen before. It remains for me as a groundbreaking performance in the horror genre. Both versions, but particularly this one. I am praying to find a fan edit of this film that removes the 80’s synth music. But until then, I will always enjoy the strong performance of Tom Noonan as the Tooth Fairy. Tom in the Red Dragon tattoo scenes would be amazing to see.

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