Man Bites Dog

You should #checkthismovieout as soon as possible. It is hard to find this film. If you look on Amazon, ebay, or maybe you can get lucky and find it streaming somewhere then you are truly blessed. This film is amazing. I can see why some people might be disturbed by it. But this is art. As disturbing as the film may be. It is worth a viewing.

This film didn’t have a big star or director, attached to it. These guys just went out there and shot what they wanted. The film is a very dark comedic take on the premise that a serial killer in France is allowing himself and his crimes to be filmed for a movie about his exploits. It is graphic and raunchy. He hides nothing about himself. This was a crazy premise for a film.

The film crew take an insidiously dark turn as they continue going down the psychotic journey path with a serial killing star, Ben. This entire cinematic journey is so worthwhile. Please find it and watch it. It is a cross between Henry portrait of a serial killer and Behind the mask. Shot in monochrome. So enjoyable and crazy. He really loves guns. And Criterion loved it, So you have to love it too.


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Author: Wil Munny

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