Let me explain something to you. Aretha may have been the “Diva” or the “Queen’. But Diana Ross was the “Boss”. I don’t think anyone comes close to what she encapsulated for the Black community in America. I can go on days about this woman. She was probably the first woman that was beautiful for me. And in turn, I saw her in my mom, who obviously was beautiful to me.

In this film, Diana Ross plays Tracey/Mahogany. She was a young designer attempting to create clothes that transcended her surroundings. In the film, she has to battle herself, societal judgments, and the sensibilities of the man who held her heart. The obstacles she faced felt so real. I really felt like this film is a great film for its time. It doesn’t pull any punches in how it portrays the flaws of the characters in the film. No one is perfect. But neither was the world and vision everyone was attempting to carve out for themselves.

The best aspect of the film was watching Tracey forge forward with going after her dreams. I thought it was a well-crafted story and did some things rarely seen. The emasculation of the white men and the opposite for black men. This was done with Anthony Perkins performing as the opposite of Billy Dee Williams in this film. This was done from the character’s motives towards Tracey to the sexuality of the characters, and their lives purpose. I tend to look too deep into films at times. That being said I saw so many layers to the story and characters.

This was a great follow up to Diana Ross in Lady Sings The Blues. Diana could do no wrong. Even though Berry Gordy was attempting to bumrush Hollywood with Diana and these films. But sometimes your best effort to go mainstream just create something else that is just as special. That is what this film is to me.

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Author: Wil Munny

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