I really had to let this film soak into my mentals. Lol, I thought that was funny., Anyways, Gaspar Noe’s movie love was exactly what he wanted it to be. I found it to be an extremely compelling work of art that was an accurate depiction of what some relationships are like for people. The notion of love is a powerful driver for behavior. Sometimes there are good many times they can be bad. Ultimately they are a reflection on the emotional place the parties are in at that time.

Some people are put off by the graphic nature of the film. But it allows the film to have a sense of honesty with the depiction of how Love influences them. It was intoxicatingly authentic. Speaking of toxic. This film had some incredibly destructive behavior. It isn’t a sweet holiday love story. It is the kind of story a friend tells you about, and you give them your opinion on what to do. Then you do it again, and again, and again, until the point, you say “fuck it.” Because they are not going to listen because they are in love. That is what this movie is.

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Author: Wil Munny

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