I revisited this film because I recently saw Ang Lee’s, Gemini Man. That movie was everything Logan wasn’t. Loga was, in my opinion, the best Marvel film ever put out. It was violent. It introduced new characters. It had an ending that at least to this point have meaning. Obviously, Infinity War was the most ambitious film of the serious. In fact, it was the most ambitious film ever made. But being daring doesn’t equal to being the best.

Logan set the benchmark on how a character’s storyline should end. You don’t necessarily have to go out in a blaze of glory. You just have to have a significant character arch change, a great fight sequence, and winning but at a cost for a character’s story ended perfectly. They did this with Logan. Props to them.

Logan story is set in the future. Mutants are almost all gone from the planet. Professor Charles Xavier is a very old man. And yes, Logan is older than Charles. But for the purposes of the film, Logan is an old man. Logan being older actually works. Because this movie is the first one that feels like we are seeing the character physically for how he really is. Logan is an old dude. People tried to connect this to the Old Man Logan comic book. Which I never saw. The only connection to it is that Logan appears older in the film. But he is nowhere close to the Old Man Logan comic book age. In the film, I feel that the Logan character just looks correct. He looks like a guy who is over one hundred and fifty years old with a mutant healing factor pushing back the unfortunate realities of aging.

The introduction of X-23 is one of the highlights of the film. She is absolutely the cutest and just as vicious as Logan. We really struck gold with having her in the film. I am not sure that we will ever see her on the big screen again. But sometimes all you need is one film to make a great impression.

Now the best thing about the film and the reason I mentioned Gemini Man is because of X-24 the clone Wolverine. Every scene with X-24 in it was masterful and perfect. It was truly a mindfuck to see this younger version of Logan. LOL, no offense but this version looked better than a Wolverine in the past films. Probably because a younger Hugh Jackman just could name him down physically as perfect as these special did. It was amazing and set the bar for what a film with a special effect dupe should look like.

Anyways if you have not seen the film. Check the movie out. If you have to watch it again. And if you can watch the “Noir” Logan, monochrome version of the film. Any version is great. And it is rated R. This is a bloody good fun superhero film.

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