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It is always nice to walk into the theater with no expectations. Only to walk out and be blown away. That is how I felt after viewing the film Life. This film surprisingly features both Ryan Reynolds and Jake Gyllenhaal. I can only assume their star power was to push this film at the box office and the start of a franchise. The film’s ending could have gone either way with the franchise thing. I love the ending of this film. In fact, I could not find anything to complain about regarding this film.

First thing about this movie is that it looks great. It is a beautifully shot film. The fact they didn’t go about making a cheap-looking film helps it out. The cast was great. But let us be real. A sci-fi film like this is only as good as the alien creature. The creature is named is Calvin. And Calvin is awesome. I mean Calvin was as menacing as an alien creature has to be. He was fast, vicious, and relentless. He gave the audience a night to remember as the crew battled him throughout the film.

The basic plot of the film is an alien organism that can destroy the human race is found in space. The team has to decide how to prevent it from getting to earth. Where its chances of ending humanity as we know is assured. Can the team of scientist defeat the organism? Watch this tense and exciting film to get the answer. It is worth the watch.

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