The Last of Us

In 2013 I concluded that the best horror film was the story about Joel and Elle in the post-pandemic world told in the Last of Us. I know what you are saying. It is a video game. But I don’t care what you think it is. Because I think it is a movie. And it can be found in the link below. I highly suggest you watch it as a mini-series. Watch 2 hours at a time. Or you can binge-watch the entire six hours. No matter what manner you decide to watch the movie. You won’t be disappointed as you will come across so many situations and characters that your interests with never wan.

The film focuses on a hardened survivor named Joel. Who is battling to live in a world that is ran by human flesh craving infected humans and non-infected people who will do just about anything to survive. It may sound familiar to you. But this is one of the best takes on this kind of world. It is one of the best selling games of all time because of how amazing the story is. Add in the incredible character Ellie and be prepared to be drawn into this harsh. You will cry and cheer as the events unfold.

This is a must-see. Like I said below is the marathon version of the games that play like a movie. Sit back and enjoy this amazing Neil Druckmann story.

The Last Of Us – The Movie (Marathon Edition) – All Cutscenes/Story With Gameplay (HD)

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