Lady Vengeance

It is always nice to see a plan come together. This movie is kind of like “Ocean’s 11” meets “I spit on your grave”. This film, Sympathy for Lady Vengeance aka Lady Vengeance is another masterpiece of a film by the great Korean director Park Chan-wook. The film is another from the Vengeance Trilogy. I found this film to be absolutely engaging. Lee Young-ae plays the beautifully innocent Geum-ja Lee. She rocks in this film. She is smart, caring, and dangerous.

The story is revolves the love of a mother and the careful planning of vengeance on the most reviled type of killer. A child killer. It doesn’t get worse than that. Choi Min-sik plays another of role that adds to his legacy as one of the most villainous character in cinema history. I love this guy. He is an amazing actor. This and his role in “I saw the devil.” He was perfect for this role.

For such a dark story there is a huge amount of levity in the film. It probably has the most upbeat scenes than any other films in the trilogy. I think it was pretty cool to see Park Chan-wook embark on comedy a little bit. I’m sure his resume has some films like that. I just haven’t seen them.

What works is the beautiful marriage of vengeance and grief. The symmetry between both make it apparent that our pain is intertwined with happiness. More accurately vengeance. It is a slippery slope but at the end all we want it to sleep well at night. If that requires vengeance and pain. Then as the film lays out. It is a personal. Check this movie out.

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