Ok, let me tell you to #checkthismovieout and something you shouldn’t do.

  1. Don’t be an Israeli and travel to the Amazon rainforest.
  2. Don’t listen to a stranger who tries to convince you to visit an Indian village in an uncharted area of the rainforest.
  3. Don’t go unless you like the prospect of almost killing yourself for an adventure.
  4. Oh yeah, don’t go.

I loved this film. I mean it was tough watching someone go through as many intense moments as he did. As much as I loved the film I couldn’t help shake the feeling that this all could have been avoided by just not going. But you know, Some people just have a lack of fear and a sense that adventure is synonymous with living. All I know is that it made a great movie. I feel pretty bad knowing that Daniel Radcliffe played the role of Yossi Ghinsberg who actually went through these horrors. Crazy!! I have to tell you that there is a torture porn element to the film. As you watch him stumble from one fucked up scenario to another. It was an all nature version of the film U-Turn. It is a testament to the filmmakers that the impact of the story represented itself so well on celluloid.

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Author: Wil Munny

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