In the Realm of the Senses

This is one of the most interesting films that I have ever seen. It depicts graphic sexual activities, obsession, murder, and love all in the backdrop of 1930’s Japan. Based on a true story follows former prostitute Sada Abe and Kizcho her employer and lover. Their relationship is one of the most unhealthy relationships ever seen. If Gasper Noe’s film was about toxic relationships. Then this film is bout how difficult boundaries can be enforced when emotional, physical, control, and sexual boundaries are crossed.

There are so many films that attempt to touch on these topics. I find them to be somewhat not accurate because they can’t accurately show the depths of a relationship because of the boundaries that are broken due to sexuality are not shown. Not showing the complete actions that tie the two people together does lessen your understanding of the depths of the relationship. This film does not do that. It can be considered inappropriate and porn to view what was filmed in the movie. But it really allows the viewer to understand the characters and makes them “complete characters” as Grey always says.

Tatsuya portrayal of Kichi-zo and EikoMatsuda’s of Sada was relentless. I think this was some of the best acting that I have ever seen. They really dived into the roles and truly gave us everything they had. It didn’t hurt that they were being directed by one of the greatest directors of all time in Nagisa Oshima. I suggest you watch Shonen aka Boy and Violence at Noon. He is an incredible director.

With today being Valentines Day, I suggest you give this beautiful film a watch. It pushed the boundaries in 1976 and it perhaps pushes them even more today. You make have noticed I didn’t talk in a great deal of what happens in the film. Because I really think you should watch this film. And afterward, you probably will feel I did say enough.

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