Hotel Mumbai

I knew walking into the cinema that this film was going to be an incredibly difficult film to watch. Tragic stories are always tough to watch on the big screen. Even with knowing this I was not prepared for the emotions this film forced me to deal with. Intense, brutal, and a sense of helpfulness is what I felt as I watched this movie. Anger that it happened in the first place. And even more, anger as I acknowledged that I forgot about the scope of the attack. I felt like I let these survivors and families affected by this terrorist attack down by forgetting about the details of what took place. Films like this that make you a participant are worthy of the praise they get. This film deserves that and so much more..

Bleeker Street along with the director, Anthony Maras has told the story of the 2008 terrorist attack in Mumbai at the Taj Hotel. Although it is a portion it still is important to be seen in the light of the heroic efforts made to save the lives that were saved and lost. The story follows Arjun a local family and employee of the Taj Hotel played by Dev Patel. And the couple consisting of Zahra and David played by Nazanin Boniadi and Armie Hammer. The people are forced to go through an ordeal that no one should ever have to.

The film really captures the horror and bravery that encapsulates the situation with a reverence that is appreciated. The film wasn’t exploitive at all and told a very sad and important story. I highly suggest you see this film.

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