You were never really here

I guess I figured this would be a great film to discuss seeing how”The Joker” is being released. “You were never really here, is a super dark film. The main character Joe clearly has some issues. But it makes a lot of sense seeing how he is a hitman. Not all jobs offered should be taken. That could have easily been the title of this film. Because this job was more than Joe or myself expected it to be.

Obviously, most people are not sympathetic towards a killer. Joe was a victim and the would he stayed in didn’t help him at all. I don’t know. But I really felt bad for him. Joaquin Phoenix put on displayed Joe’s muted but extremely loud damaged psyche on full blast for us viewers. It will be interesting seeing him in “The Joker”. That character is so flamboyant with his damage. Joe carries it like it is the heaviest weight in the world.

The film is just another incredible film by a female director. In my opinion, they have been killing it recently. I am loving the opportunities and product these ladies have been blessing us with lately. Especially Lynne Ramsay who not only directed this film but the amazing film: We need to talk about Kevin.” I can’t wait to see what she does next.

Anyways, I love this dark film. Joaquin is amazing in this film. Which he always seems to be. Love this film. You will also love the center of his focus for this job. Ekaterina Samsonov played the role of the girl named Nina. She was haunting in this role. I got to say one last thing. I don’t know how it ultimately ends for either of these characters. I just don’t know. But the story that is presented to us now is just amazing. Check this movie out. This is some incredible storytelling.

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Author: Wil Munny

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  1. Good piece, I couldn’t really work out the dramatic change in the ending from the book, apart from trying to really hammer home the persona of the suicidal assassin. Still it’s a really gorgeous and brutal film!

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