Oh Isabelle Huppert she never cease to amaze me. I last saw her in “Elle”. Which was easily one of my favorite films of the year and likely my favorite one of her films. When I saw the trailer of “Greta” I knew I had to see it because of her. She is easily one of the all time greats. And if she is in a film you have to go see it. I still wasn’t expecting much. I soon realized I was in for a treat. Because it offered me two things I was quickly able to appreciate. One was the genius that is Isabelle and the second was rekindling of the romance I had for another film. That film was Takashi Miike’s movie titled “Audition.”

I sat in my theater seat totally engrossed into Isabelle Huppert’s performance and the scenes that felt like homage to Takashi Miike’s film. There is no way this was happenstance. I refused to believe that the director, Neil Jordan didn’t know what he was doing. I left the theater doubly pleased by what I saw.

I can’t say that I was impressed by the premise of the film. However, the execution was entire actors and crew made the film worthwhile to watch. If you are a Neil Jordan fan then check this movie out. If you are an Isabelle Huppert fan then #checkthismovieout. On a side note. Isabelle’s fashion sense was incredible. I feel like she just dressing so well in all her films. She is a pleasure the watch perform and from a stylistic looked incredible in this movie. I want another film. I am sure it won’t happen. However, I want what I want.

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Author: Wil Munny

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