When we talk about superhero movies released in 2019 we tend to talk about Marvel’s Avengers Endgame and Spider-man. However, I felt A Vigilante was an amazing superhero film. It wasn’t adapted from a comic book. But it was in the tradition of what constitutes a superhero film. Same thing with the film people forget to mention, Glass.

Glass is the final (hopefully so) film from the M. Night Shyamalan trilogy that started with “Unbreakable” and follows his film “Split”. The film is in the distinct future after the events of “Split”. We find Bruce Willis character David Dunn using his powers to rid the streets of bad people. And obviously he sights his sight on the big baddie Kevin Wendell Crumb aka The Horde. Even with this clash set up to take place, there is no way that Mister Glass is not going to make his presence know.

I am a fan of everyone involved in the film. I love the fact it takes chances with this trilogy. Especially by making an overarching story that spanned two totally separate films. He definitely tricked us all into creating the trilogy. The nonlinear path to this movie was awesome. His final scene was like a final panel that was there to blow our minds. It created the anticipation for Glass. I feel that not only lived up to my hopes but exceeded them.

Samuel Jackson’s Elijah Price aka Mr. Glass was more of a compelling villain than we have ever seen in a superhero movie. I love Thanos. But the comic book version. Same with Bane. But for movies, it is Elijah Price. His brilliance is tenacity puts any other big-screen villain to same. I believe this role outshines his previous villainous roles of Richmond Valentine (Kingsman) and Stephen (Django Unchained). All I can say is I love this character.

M. Night Shyamalan is a special director. His works speak for itself. I know there was an opinion that he fell off a bit. But I think he was creating cerebral genre films before that had an audience that would embrace that kind of work. He was Ari Aster before Ari Aster became vogue. Or should I say he was a better Ari Aster? Like Ari, M. Night Shyamalan creates films with characters that are supposed to be complexed and layered in situations that test their fortitude. The conflict and growth of his characters are what separates M Night Shyamalan from his peers. It isn’t easy to have faith in your vision when you are globally panned. Props to him for not caving in and creating some of the best stories during his time of filmmaking. See this film.

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