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I figure I take a bit of time to talk about the elephant in the room. People for some reason hate the notion of films that they love being remade. Well, I am a huge proponent of Remakes, Reboots, and Revisions of some of our favorite films and or characters. Why?

The Thing
The Dawn of the Dead
The Wizard of Oz
The Fly
Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Invasion of the Body Snatch
Rob Zombie’s Halloween
Bram Stroker’s Dracula
Planet of the Apes

The films were all remakes or whatever you want to call them. All these films had updated takes on the film that turned out to be something special. The one film that does not mention that I’m discussing today is the Marcus Nispel reboot of Friday the 13th. I kind of look at it as a revision more than a reboot. But it is marketed as a reboot so whatever. Either way, the story is revamped, and instead of the mother being the killer. The film decides to use the most prolific killer of the series Jason Voorhees as the antagonist. This is Jason was a perfect killing machine. He was relentless and fast as hell. I can’t help but scream to the heavens about how awesome Derek Mears was a Jason. I remember bumping into him at a horror convention in Indiana before filming started. I wasn’t convinced he could be that dude. But I was wrong. He killed it.

The movie had a lot of backlash. People get their panties in a bunch when a movie they love is being remade. I guess there is some weird sense of ownership that I have with the film. But I was stoked. Marcus Nispel proved his worth by making the best Texas Chainsaw Massacre film. I didn’t doubt he would do this franchise justice. I don’t get why so many fans didn’t continue to support the film after the first week of release. But I pretty much was doomed after the initial release. I believe that people were butt hurt and could appreciate the film for what it was. Which was the best film in the franchise since part 4.

And in retrospect, it has become of the films most regarded additions. Yes, it is about young people being killed by a mask murderer. Yes, it has awesome acts of violence. Yes, there is a final girl. But so what it that it didn’t break new ground in slasher films. It didn’t have to. This is a Friday the 13th film. And it was pretty freaking awesome. Go check out this movie.

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