Friday the 13th Part 3

This movie is intertwined with one of my greatest memories as a kid. Obviously I love horror films. As I kid I was the same way. When Friday the 13th Part 3 came out I was so determined to see it. I was under 18 so I needed an adult to take me. I remember asking my parents if I could see it and they offered to take me. However, it came out and I hadn’t been able to see it. I’m not sure why but I didn’t get to see it opening weekend. I was really bummed by this. I mean back in those days something of this magnitude was bigger than the Superbowl for me and my friends.I remember getting ready to go to school and as I was leaving I asked my dad if I ever was going to really be able to see the film. He looked at me and said “yeah, let’s go today.” I was completely blown away. Wait a minute this was a school day. Was he really suggesting that we could skip school to go see a horror movie? He was and that was the coolest shit I remember him ever doing for and with me. I am sure there are probably other things he did. But this as far as I was concerned was just the coolest thing ever.

I don’t know if I have ever done anything as cool as what he did for my kids as that was for me. But it impacted the hell out of me. But wait I’m not finished. There is a scene in the film where Jason appears to be hung and dead. And when he woke up or decided to stop playing dead and began to lift himself up I had a jolt of electricity figuratively run up the side of my head that momentarily numb me to the core. I was freaked out and scared but somehow at the same time beyond the highest state of happiness humanely possible.

If that was all that happened this would be an amazing story. But I have more to tell you. Anyway, I went home. I told my mom how much I enjoyed the film. But there was only one thing that was missing. They both said they would take me. And as bad as I was in math I knew only one parent took me to the movies. So I pretty much begged my mom to go see it with me. And somehow she agreed and I got to see the film in the theaters again. Holy shit if that wasn’t easily the coolest thing I remember them doing for me. I don’t know what is.

Ok, this is the first Friday the 13th film that pushed forward the notion of Jason as an unstoppable force. There were some aspects that still had him retain his humanity but it was the beginning of the prototypical Jason we have all learned to love. What actually is Saturday the 14th and not Friday the 13th, after Jason, Paul, and Ginny tangle for the last time and a wounded Jason crawls away the film begins. Jason steals some clothes after the encounter and kills the couple at the house. Which is followed by a Sunday the 15th that goes down in infamy. That is when he rips through the six friends who made the horrible decision to party near Camp Crystal Lake. Obviously, none of them knew just a day before that Jason slaughtered almost everyone at the nearby camp.

The film had a great cast of friends for Jason to murder. He also had some of the most memorable side characters too in this film. Shelly Finkelstein, classic character. Ali and Fox, classic characters. Chris Higgins, classic character. The cute ass stoner couple Chuck and Chili, classic characters. And the deaths were great. Chili was pretty fucked up. But other than that the film delivered with creating scenes horror fans look back and smile about.

Jason. We got to get back to him. This Jason really stepped up to make a name for himself as an all-time great villain. I love Potato Sack, but this version was relentless. I had no way of preparing myself for this new version. Richard Brooker did an amazing job as Jason. He was more menacing and laid down the blueprint for Ted White to follow in part 4.

I don’t know what kind of idiots rate films on rotten tomatoes, but it is so funny that it has a 12% rating on that site. I mean it debuted as the number 1 film and stayed in the top five money-making films for four weeks. Hell top 10 for five weeks. This is why you can’t care about what nongenre fans think. Classic movie. It was such a blast. Go see this film.

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