Friday the 13th Part 2

Since today is Friday the 13th I figure I will breakdown my opinion on some of the best films in the Friday the 13th movie franchise. Let’s start with Friday the 13th Part 2. You might ask why I didn’t start with the original film. That is easy. Because I thought the movie was kind of lame. I am just not a big fan of Mrs. Voorhees and it just wasn’t one of my favorites. And I pretty much only want to talk about films that I like on here. I pretty much think there only four really good films in the franchise. So let’s begin.

Friday the 13th Part 2 starts of with the murder of the second most known final girl since Laurie Stroud. Adrienne King is Alice Hardy and is also the most impactful character of the series. Survivor to victim. She is, in my opinion, the most important character of the series. She is the glue or bridge that takes a singular genre film and trusts it into the world as a long-lasting franchise that shaped and defined a genre for decades. Alice’s actions to end Mrs. Voorhees’s murder spree and influence the (series antagonist) adult Jason Voorhees to commit his very life to the death of anyone that ventured across his path in pursuit to avenge his mother’s death. She is that chick. Even in death it has been a sense of appreciation for her. It is poetic that her character kills and is killed. She became the personification of the term final girl.

I think the decision to have the movie do a five year time jump made a lot of sense. We needed Jason to be full-grown and menacing. Even though camp blood’s history appeared in the past. It wouldn’t be long before Camp Crystal Lake would once again become the place that death was also its closest relative. The numerous characters in this film were some of the best in the franchise. From Mark who could be considered the complete opposite of Franklin from Texas Chainsaw Massacre. He was as close of a stud that a character could have been in a wheelchair. He was just such a fresh breath of air as a character. I think he might have been one of a handful of characters that the viewers hated seeing die. Ginny and Paul the couple that would later be a staple of a favorite troupe in the franchise. Couples normally just don’t last. It does happen sometimes. But it is rare.

Potato Sack Jason was always my favorite. I still think he is easily my favorite Throughout the film we see Jason at his most vulnerable and human self. Jason displayed emotional and physical pain. I think that is why I love this Jason so much. I mean this was my favorite of the franchise for quite a long time. I am not sure where you rank it. But this was everything I could have ever asked for in a slasher film.

Not only is this my favorite Jason. This movie also has my favorite final girl of the series. Ginny Field acted by Amy Steel. She may not have had the luck of having her character written by John Carpenter. But she still did an amazing job with the role she had as Part 2 Jason’s final girl. She displayed fear, bravery, and smarts. She may not have as much importance as Alice does in the series. However, she went toe to toe with the OG Jason and won. Unfortunately, she didn’t bury him. Fortunately for us horror fans. Jason lived on.

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