Force Majeure

So I see that the movie “Downhill” starring Will Ferrell and Julia Louis-Dreyfus is being released today. No offense to the talented people involved in the making of the film. But I won’t be seeing this. Not because I am not into Wil Ferrell’s films. But mostly because I have already seen this film back in 2014.

I was lucky enough to take a chance on seeing Ruben Ostlund’s amazing film title Force Majeure. This film was so freaking clever with how all the events and the reactions to the events played out. The event is the controlled avalanche and the reaction by the two parents during the assumed danger as it approached the family.

The parents played by Johannes Bah Kuhnke and Lisa Loven Kongsli teeter between that characters being apart of a black comedy and a gut-wrenching drama. I feel like everyone involved did an excellent job of making a film that you didn’t know how to take in what you were seeing. Which is the beauty of the film. You don’t know if you are meant to laugh or want to comfort the wife, Ebba.

The pacing of the film was perfect and supported by a dialogue that made the film feel so real at times. Here is the thing about this movie. The emotions of a family that is clearly pushed to the brink of destruction is the star of the film. Hence why “Downhill” has such an uphill struggle to be as engaging as the original film. If you are looking to have a serious film with some laughs. I would suggest this movie to you. Oh, one last thing. Enjoy this movie. You will be blown away by the fact this film made less than 2 million dollars. That is insane. But that is the world we live in. Great films are not seen or remade for no apparent reason at all. Like, Force Majeure was remade into Downhill.

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