I first saw an abbreviated version of this film in “Three Extremes”. I admittedly fell in love with this film. It was until later that I discovered the film “Dumplings” was also a feature film. The full film version has a totally different set of actions and consequences for all the characters. And a new explosive ending. I am being totally honest when I say this. I love both versions. Neither disappoints me. That being said, the feature is so incredible. That ending is crazy.

Like Dorian Gray, this film is what cost would a person pay for beauty. This film does one thing horribly. And that is trying to play off the incredibly beautiful Miriam Yeung as an old aging tv personality. I had a hard time buying that. However, I could appreciate the fact she was concerned with her looks as she began aging. Bai Ling was the sultry black market plug, Aunt Mei. Aunt Mei is the person who can get you whatever you want. With a specialty in the market of aging and reproduction arenas. Miriam’s character Mrs. Li seeks Aunt Mei out to help regain her beauty. She desires to age well and keep her husband’s heart and dick in his pants. How it works out is going to be your pleasure.

The actors in this film just feel like they are vibrating on a frequency that connects them to something so powerful. Even the secondary characters add so much flavor to the story. The movie just like a dish is simple and complex at the same time. The elements that give this film the taste that is so powerful are sex, lust, and desire. I suggest you watch both versions. Each is different but worth your time. These films are a must-see.

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Author: Wil Munny

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