It all starts with an apparent blow out of a tire. Six relative strangers are forced to rely on each other to survive the onslaught of terror from an unseen assailant with a sniper rifle. The beauty of the film is that you are drawn into the mayhem and inadvertently are forced to become a participant in this macabre game. The kids are attacked from the very beginning of the film. The blowout that isn’t is presented in a beautiful shot. No pun intended. This film took advantage of the beautiful scenery that became an accomplice in the sniper’s crimes. Sometimes you could help notice that the director was as infatuated with taken advantage of the beautiful landscape just like the sniper.

The unfamiliar faced cast helped the film be as effective as it was without distracting you from the story due to star power. Not having a well known actor allowed the viewer to sit back and just watch what the characters had to endure without any clue of who was actually the final person. And they didn’t disappoint. You didn’t know who or if anyone was going to actually survive. The movie was a great example of cat and mouse, fight or flee, and run and hide. I highly suggest you to #checkthismovieout because it is great.

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Author: Wil Munny

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