Ok, I got to say that Darling is exactly the kind of film I would normally have an issue with because of its not so original story. But me taking that position would just make me out to being an unnecessarily dick-head. Which is something I don’t think I am. Now I have already professed my love for Roman Polanski’s Repulsion on this website. And I meant every word that I wrote. If you watch both films you can see that the entire film appears to be lifted from Roman’s film. But that doesn’t change what this film is to me. It is a masterpiece. Michael Keating created a film that I would love to see a criterion treatment to. This Michael Keating actually does something better than Roman in this film. He makes Lauren Ashley Carter aka Darling so much more an interesting character to watch. I think the range of emotions and her complete overall performance was perfect. As much as I love watching Catherine Denevue’s character Carol Ledoux spiral into a state that flirting between of one of catatonic and madness, Lauren Ashley Carter’s Darling was a perfect blend of a troubled young woman who danced along the edge of sanity and insanity.

I love the direction and cinematography. It was absolutely amazing. Lauren’s face was such a powerful draw with Michael Keating and Mac Fisken’s talents behind the lens made the film exceed my expectations. I am going to have to go back and review Mac Fisken’s cinematography in Carnage Park. Anyways back to this film. I can sit and watch this all day and night. I love the hell out of this movie. I am glad shudder has it available for people to see easily. Check this movie out! I’m sure it isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. But I love this film.

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